About 130 years since we handled Kobe beef! 3 minutes' walk from Kobe Sannomiya Station on each line! There are 5 unique restaurants along Ikuta Road. Teppan-yaki of popular steak lunch and dinner!

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Business Hours:All restaurants 11:00〜22:00(Lo 21:00)

Royal Mouriya Reserve


Kobe steak restaurant Royal Mouriya
〒650-0012 2F of No.1 Kishi Bldg., 1-9-9, Kita-Nagasa-dori, Chuoh-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken
TEL:078-321-1328 FAX:078-321-1329

 Kobe steak restaurant Royal Mouriya Reservation form

  We accept the reservation of seats.
  • Please fill in the following items. When you make a reservation on this page, please apply by 20:00 P.M. on the previous day.
  • We will confirm the reservation on the phone or by the email.
  • When you make a reservation after 21:00 P.M. we will notify you on the next day.
  • If the confirmation is not made, the reservation is not unavailable.
  • When you inquire the confirmation of a reservation or other inquiries, please call 078-321-1328.
  • When you make a reservation on the day, please call on the phone.

   ※Please take notice of required items.
   ※Please do not use half-width Katakana.
   ※Please fill in an email address in half-width characters
   ※Please do not use except for English or Japanese language, or symbols
   ※Please call on the phone if you want to change after the reservation has been made.
   ※If you input on this form more than 2 times a day, the reservation may be invalid. Please take notice.

Your name(Required)
Organization name
Is this a personal or business occasion?(Required) personal  business
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Reservation time(Required)  ※A less than 10-year-old child is not allowed.
Telephone number(Required)  ※Please give us a mobile phone number etc. with which we can get in touch during the daytime.

 ※Since we will transmit the reservation content to the mail address here within 5 minutes, please confirm it.
 ※When confirmation mail is not distributed, the reservation may not have been completed due to the wrong email address. Please send the reservation content to 'Kobe steak restaurant Royal Mouriya email address, royal@mouriya.co.jp', as far as you know about it such as a representative name.

 ※When the confirmation mail is transmitted, please wait for the confirmation telephone from our restaurant.
Your purpose(Required) private  Reception
Which seat?(Required)  ※【Counter Seats】 You can see the cooking in front of you
                      ※【Counter in Single Room】 It is available for 3 to 15 people. You can see the cooking in front of you
When our shop is full(Required) Other shops are also good  No other shop   ※Our store is in the range of all shops visible

If there are an opinion, a demand, etc. for persons who have decided dishes, please enter to the following.




   Kobe Steak Restaurant Royal Mouriya
     No. 1 Kishi Bldg. 2F, 1-9-9 Kita Nagasa Dohri, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi,
     TEL:078-321-1328 FAX:078-321-1329