A restaurant introduction site of the Kobe cow steak restaurant Mouriya in Chuuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo.
An animation, sightseeing or the WEB reservation that is most suitable for a reception and a felicitous event to bake Kobe cow in front of eyes.

Nice to produce a big day
Anniversary Plan
   Honten    Sannomiya    ROYAL       LIN

Dinner recommendations each store
Special dinner Plan
   Honten    Sannomiya    ROYAL       LIN


【 Dining Mouriya limited 】
Discount course Reservation of only 10 per day meal

The place of the normal 5,500 yen → 3,980 yen

The place of the normal 5,600 yen → 5,000 yen
Furthermore dessert platter with



    ・It is simple and convenient purchase of
     the highest quality Kobe beef or Mouriya
     selected beef by a network! If you do
     some shopping on Mouriya shopping site,
     there is also a profitable privilege.
     Please have a look.


Please feel the atmosphere of Mouriya Restai
rant. Please make sure the inside atomospher
and superb service of Mouriya Sannomiya and
Royal Mouriya Restairamts.

Served only in Royal Mouriya Restaurant
A gorgeous private room is prepared for the lunch party or meeting use.
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The enchanting dinner course includes grilled seafood on the hot plate, amuser, and coffee plus many more.
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Served only in Sannomiya Restaurant
Worthy and money-saving lunch course including delicious garlic rice
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Select the course from three types of grilled seafood and three grades of beef
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Served only in Honten Restaurant
The large-volumed lunch course starts from soup and finishes with sherbet ice cream and coffee. Please select the grade of the beef.
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Seafood grilled on the iron plate and Beef of Mouriya's Special Selection Sirloin Steak or Tenderloin Steak
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