Enjoy your lunch and dinner gorgeously with the delicious Kobe beef and Mouriya's specially selected beef

三宮店 本店 ロイヤル

本店 三宮店 ロイヤル
Served only in Royal Mouriya Restaurant
A gorgeous private room is prepared for the lunch party or meeting use.
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The enchanting dinner course includes grilled seafood on the hot plate, amuser, and coffee plus many more.
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Served only in Sannomiya Restaurant
Worthy and money-saving lunch course including delicious garlic rice
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Select the course from three types of grilled seafood and three grades of beef
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Served only in Honten Restaurant
The large-volumed lunch course starts from soup and finishes with sherbet ice cream and coffee. Please select the grade of the beef.
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Seafood grilled on the iron plate and Beef of Mouriya's Special Selection Sirloin Steak or Tenderloin Steak
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