About 130 years since we handled Kobe beef! 3 minutes' walk from Kobe Sannomiya Station on each line! There are 4 unique restaurants along Ikuta Road. Teppan-yaki of popular steak lunch and dinner!


Mouriya LIN

Queens Coast Building 2F 9-8 1-Chome Kitanagasa Dori, Chuoku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, 650-0012

TEL:078-325-5182 FAX:078-325-5183

Reservation Form of Mouriya LIN Restaurant

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  • Booking through this page, please sign up to o'clock the day before 20

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  • Please contact the case of a 21 hour on and after booking may become the next day

  • Reservations in the case of confirmation is not be able to decoy, I will consider it as invalid

  • Check or other inquiries of reservation please contact 078-325-5182

  • Please contact us so available by phone person on the day of your reservation

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