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Mouriya's Specially Selected Beef

Mouriya's Special Selection is the superior quality beef from kine that are less than 32 months old, have never given birth, and come from the bloodline of Tajima Cow that is the original family of Kobe Cow. They have been steadily reproduced without close-cross and grow up in the Mouriya's contractual ranch in Yabu City, Tajima Cow's hometown, eating the same fodder that the pure blood Tajima cows eat in the same cowshed; and the taste and relish of the meat are as wonderful as the Kobe Beef. Needless to say, the taste of Kobe Beef is marvelous, but the shortcoming is high price. (Recently, the price has risen again.) In Mouriya restaurants, specially selected beef of the quality as superior as the Kobe Beef is served to customers with reasonable and affordable prices. Please visit our restaurants and we guarantee you enjoy the dishes.

Story about Kobe Cow and Tajima Cow

Tajima Cow is the ancestor of Kobe Cow. The name “Kobe Cow” does not mean species or category, but is the name of brand. Original Tajima Cows that have passed the standard, i.e. those raised by the registered cattle farmers in the list of the Kobe Meat Promotion Association, those slaughtered at the specified Meat Center in Hyogo Prefecture, and those that are ranked A and B, and the BMS value (numerical value that shows marble condition of the beef) is more than 6 are called Kobe Cow.

To start with, Tajima Cow used to live in the country of Tajima (presently northern part of Hyogo Prefecture) as shown by the name eating the wild grass that grew in abundance with clear water in the clear air. The meat of Tajima Cow has been originally good quality, and has become the wonderful brand through cattle farmers’ zeal in raising them as the beef cow. Moreover, the obvious difference comparing to the brand cows in other prefectures is keeping blood line inside Hyogo Prefecture avoiding hybridizing with other ones. This system of maintaining the pure bloodline has been employed only by Hyogo Prefecture’s cattle farmers in Japan. You might notice that Kobe Cow and Tajima Cow are basically small, so the beef is fine and not fatty, as well as the relish and flavor are delicious. We’re positive you’ll understand why we are so proud of the beef when you have such gracefully delicious beef.

About Mouriya's Steak

Mouriya Restaurants have valued the beef’s bloodline. We serve marvelous beef of Kobe Cow and Tajima Cow that are raised through the pure bloodline, and also the beef of Monjiro Cow and Yasufuku Cow, the descendants of Tajima Cow in Hyogo Prefecture, as “Mouriya's Specially Selected Beef” in our restaurants. Wishing to serve superior quality beef to our customers, we strictly check the meat when purchasing it without making any compromise, because we consider the quality of beef should be prioritized than any other conditions like the prices. Naturally, the purpose of serving high quality beef is having the gratification from making the customers happier. Therefore, we do not purchase cows only by the titles of Championship, because some are not worthwhile to serve to our customers. Of course, when the meat that is given the Championship has a worth of serving to our customers, we proudly offer it.

The meat served in our restaurants ranks A4 and A5; more over the marble condition and quality, texture fineness, and whether maturity has been attained are meticulously examined when it is purchased. Please enjoy Mouriya's beef steaks that are most delicious and tasty in the world.

Mouriya's contractual ranch in Yabu City Clean cowshed Mr. Moriya visits the contractual ranch
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