Special Lunch

     ・サラダ Salad
     ・季節の焼野菜 Seasonable cooked vegetables
     ・Sirloin Steak or Fillet Steak Sirloin Steak or Fillet Steak
        ※Please choose the rank of meat from the lower courses.
     ・ライス(香の物) Rice with pickles
     ・お吸い物 Soup
     ・珈琲又は紅茶 Coffee or tea

Specially Selected Beef Sirloin180gCourse  ・・・  7,000円
Specially Selected Beef Fillet110gCourse  ・・・  7,000円
Superb Specially Selected Beef Sirloin180gCourse  ・・・  7,900円
Superb Specially Selected Beef Fillet110gCourse  ・・・  7,900円
Kobe Beef Sirloin150gCourse  ・・・  12,000円
Kobe Beef Fillet110gCourse  ・・・  12,000円
Superb Kobe Beef Sirloin150gCourse  ・・・  12,600円
Superb Kobe Beef Fillet110gCourse  ・・・  12,600円

  The lunch in Kobe is recommendable here! When a travel,
  a business trip, etc. are decided, this menu will be got
  surely by early reservation!

 ◆We will close, when it reaches the scheduled number,
  since it is a menu of quantity limitation on weekdays.
 ◆Please enjoy delicious lunchtime with the steak strictly
  selected by Mouriya.
 ◆Preeminent is the affinity of the sirloin and fillet meat
  with red wine which have been chosen by the judgement by

 ・The other privileges cannot be applied to the dish
  here since it is a special menu.
 ・The lunch on weekdays (11:00 to 15:00) is limited to
  first-arrival 20 persons.Please choose your visiting
  in this time zone.
 ・This is limited to the 1-set maximum 10 persons
  (Please make a reservation by the previous day).
 ・All prices show tax excluded prices.

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