Special Lunch

     ・本日のスープ Soup
     ・彩りサラダ Salad
     ・季節の焼野菜 Seasonable cooked vegetables
     ・サーロインステーキ またはフィレステーキ Sirloin Steak or Fillet Steak
     ・ライス(香の物)またはパン Rice with pickles or Bread
     ・珈琲又は紅茶 Coffee or tea

Carefully selected beef sirloin 180g course  ・・・  7,000円
Carefully selected beef fillet 110g course  ・・・  7,000円
Best selection of beef sirloin 180g course  ・・・  7,900円
Best selection of beef fillet 110g course  ・・・  7,900円
Kobe beef sirloin 150g course  ・・・  12,000円
Kobe beef filet 110g course  ・・・  12,000円
Best Kobe beef sirloin 150g course  ・・・  12,600円
Best Kobe beef filet 110g course  ・・・  12,600円

  Lunch is recommended here in Kobe! 
  Your trip, if the business trip or the like is was
  surely here menu reservation of your early Get!

 ◆On weekdays, it will be closed Narimashitara
  to plan the number because it is a menu of
  limited quantities
 ◆Please enjoy a delicious lunch in a selection
  of steak of Mouriya
 ◆Compatibility with the firm carefully selected
  sirloin and filet of red wine in the connoisseur
  of Mouriya is excellent!

 ・Because of the special menu, this dish can not be
  used in conjunction with other benefits
 ・Weekday lunch (11:00 to 15:00) will be the course
  of thefirst 20 people limited. Please choose your
  visiting in this time zone
 ・It will be offered up to a set maximum of 10
  persons(Please make your reservation o'clock
  the day before 20)
 ・All of the price is a tax display

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