About 130 years since we handled Kobe beef! 3 minutes' walk from Kobe Sannomiya Station on each line! There are 4 unique restaurants along Ikuta Road. Teppan-yaki of popular steak lunch and dinner!

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Business Hours:All restaurants 11:00~22:00(Lo 21:00)

Mouriya Sannomiya Special Lunch Menu

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In the following menu,

Today's soup, seasonal vegetable salad, rib steak or fillet steak, seasonal grilled vegetables, rice (pickles) or bread, sherbet, coffee or tea will be attached
All prices show tax excluded prices.

● Mouriya Sannomiya Restaurant only! Special lunch course

    ※Please enjoy the meat and wine selected by Mouriya staff, who are connoisseurs

    ●Carefully selected beef rib 200g or fillet110 g

                 Dear person ¥7,000

    ●Carefully selected beef rib 240g or fillet130 g

                 Dear person ¥8,300

    ●Kobe bee rib 180g or fillet 110g

                 Dear person ¥12,000

  - Please confirm. -
     ・ Sauteed shrimp and snapper balsamico sauce special dinner course
     ・ Weekday lunch (11: 00-15: 00) It will be limited to 20 first-class passengers. Please enter this time zone.
     ・ Up to 10 guests per group will be offered (please reserve by 1 day before)
     ・ All prices show tax excluded prices.