About 130 years since we handled Kobe beef! 3 minutes' walk from Kobe Sannomiya Station on each line! There are 4 unique restaurants along Ikuta Road. Teppan-yaki of popular steak lunch and dinner!



 Kobe Beef Dining Mouriya
  〒650-0012 kakuten-building2F 9-10 1-Chome, kitanagasa-doori,
             Chuo-ku,Kobe City Hyogo Prefecture
        TEL:078-335-2421 FAX:078-335-2422

 Kobe Beef Dining Mouriya

 ・Fill and send this form to reserve the table at the Dining Mouriya.
  Please input the following items.

 ・We hope this reservation form is sent by 20:00 o’clock of the day

 ・The staff will later send you an email to confirm the reservation.
 ・When the reservation form is sent after 21:00 o'clock, the confirmation
  email might be sent the next day.
 ・The reservation of which the confirmation is not made is invalid.
 ・You can make or confirm the reservation, and/or inquire by telephone at
  078-335-2421, so please feel free to contact us.
 ・Please call us on the phone to make the reservation for today.

  <NOTE: >
   - Please input the required item.
 - Input katakana and hiragana in double-byte character.
 - Input the email address in normal-width.
 - Other languages except Japanese and English are not supported.
 - If you will reserve over 2 times in a day by this form, all your
  078-335-2421, canceled.


Name of the representative person(Required) Mr. Mrs. Ms.
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    Lunchi Time
     11:00 - 15:00 (LO.14:30)
    Dinner Time
     17:00 - 22:00 (LO.21:00)
Telephone number(Required)
 Give us the number such as cellular phone’s so that we can contact you daytime.
E-mail address(Required)
 *We will return you the content of the reservation to this email address
  soon for the confirmation.
  If the return mail is not sent to you, the reservation is not made for
  a reason of a wrong spelling of the mail address etc. In that case,
  please send another email to daining@mouriya.co.jp to let us know
  your reservation.

  We will call you on the telephone after we send you the return email
  for the reservation.
No smoking seat or smoking seat No smoking seat  No smoking of all seats. Please use a smoking room.
Which seat?(Required)   Table 20seat
When it is full(Required)  It is also possible at other restaurants
 No other restaurants

  *All our restaurants are within our own restaurant

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