Notice of Resuming Operations(From June 1)
It is not implemented until the end of November.

Special Course & Special Plan

Kobe beef steakMOURIYA GION

This photo is for illustration purposes only. The ingredients and plating may differ.


Anniversary plan

For wedding anniversaries, birthdays or special occasions.
We hope to make your anniversary an unforgettable experience.
Please let us know if you have any
special requests when making your reservation.

Enjoy the beef that has been selected through experience in a special course that we have prepared for you.
Bouquets are also available. (with a charge)

  • Welcome champagne
  • Amuse bouche
  • Soup
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Today’s fresh fish dish
  • Seasonal vegetable salad
  • Mouriya strictly selected fillet steak 130g or finest Kobe beef sirloin steak 170g
  • Seasonal vegetables teppanyaki style
  • Bread or rice (with red miso soup and pickled vegetables)
  • Dessert
  • Coffee or tea
Mouriya strictly selected fillet steak (A5) 130g ¥18,800
Finest Kobe beef sirloin steak (A5) 170g ¥24,000
  • ※Coupons cannot be used for this dish
  • ※This dish must be reserved before 8pm 2 days in advance, as it is a special dish.
  • ※Orders must be placed for more than 2.
  • ※All prices are exclusive of taxes.

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