Over 130 years of experience of serving Kobe beef.

Enjoy the taste and know the real “reason”
of why Mouriya is chosen out of
many restaurants specialized in Kobe beef.


The time at Mouriya will give you the energy for tomorrow

We strive daily to uphold a principle to serve through
“Sensitivity, Mindfulness, Consideration”
and provide meat of the finest quality in order to bring joy to our customers’ heart and deliver a rejuvenating experience.


Dine on exquisite Kobe beef and strictly selected beef in elegance.

We have prepared a Menu where our Kobe beef and Mouriya’s strictly selected beef can be fully satisfied by customers.
Other than the usual lunch and dinner menu, customers can choose from special courses such as the anniversary plan. Please select a course that fits with your occasion.

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Our dedication to our strictly selected beef

Bred on ranches contracted with Mouriya, our strictly selected beef cattle are descendants of the Tajima cow cattle and are breed and raised in the same environment.
Served at a reasonable price, enjoy our strictly selected beef which has the same quality as Kobe beef.
As for the beef not from our contracted ranches, we serve these with confidence as well, as only the best has been selected based on our 130 years of long experience in the field.

Our Devotion


Each location has a unique concept and delivers a different ambiance.


Kobe-Sannomiya Area
Kyoto-Gion Area


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Special lunch sets now available at Mouriya Gion!


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